Windsurfing requires a perfect physical shape!

Windsurfing can be considered as the highest synthetic version of the sailboat classically understood even though, with respect to this, there is no rudder and rigid shaft link on the hull


The modern windsurf, or sailboat, was officially launched in 1967, when California aerospace engineer Jim Drake made essential improvements to sailboats designed by Tom Blake in 1935 and Newman Darby at the beginning of the 1960s. He introduced a horizontal bumper to easily drive the sail and stared at the table with the shaft with a cardan joint.


Success was immediate and in a few years there was no gulf or lake in the world where the “windsurfers” did not show off their skills. Despite the American birth, however, windsurfing was initially much more successful in Europe, especially in Holland. Windsurfing is an Olympic sport for males since 1984 (Los Angeles) and for females since 1992 (Barcelona) and is considered a sailing specialty.


Windsurfing, due to the essence of its structure and its technological elementality, is a sport that entrusts the athlete’s strength much of its centrality.


Those who practice this sausage specialty, but also those who want to try having fun with a table, must be particularly concerned about their physical fitness and above all nutrition: the windsurfer can never be overweight, not even a few hectograms!


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