The Olympics and the strangest sports


Throughout the Olympics appeared very curious sports that have disappeared quickly

2913228409_1ef14fcf76_bThroughout Olympic history have appeared, only to disappear immediately, many sports very absurd: the turkey shoot (live), the synchronized swimming alone, the race “men vs horses.” Here are some:

The synchronized swimming alone. It was similar to the current synchronized swimming, with the difference that the only athlete who did it was out of sync with anyone, but alone. This discipline made three appearances in the Olympics from 1984 to 1992. Later it was abandoned in favor of the team competitions.

The clay pigeon shooting. In one of the first Olympics, in 1900, it was proposed the variant of disk shooting using the live pigeons. In all they were gunned down as many as 300 pigeons, before they realized that perhaps there was a way to make the sport less violent.

The Kabaddi. It has been played only once at the Olympics, in 1936 in Berlin, although it’s an even popular sport in many countries, including India. In this sport a team makes a sort of human wall while the other, across the field, has to break the formation of sending a player who lashes out violently against this wall, without breathing.

The Roque. It’s a very similar sport to Croquet, which is played in England, although there are some variations because it’s American. The difference essentially is that you play on clay and not on the lawn, and bats and balls are different. The problem is that when it was proposed at the Olympics did not know it nobody except the Americans, who were the only participants and won all three medals. So it was decided to remove it from competition.

The ski rope. It’s one of the disciplines that appeared only at the first Olympic Games, those of 1896, in Athens. It was a rope on which athletes had to be able to climb. Who he was fastest won. The sport was very simple, but they were too few to practice it, because only two athletes managed to get to the top. It was decided to eliminate it.

The long jump with horses. It appeared at the Olympics in Paris in 1900. It was a long jump of horses against men. Having always won all the horses, the sport was quickly removed from the Olympics.