The high jump: who owns the record?

The high jump is a specialty track and field in which the athlete must pass with a jump horizontal rod positioned at a given height

athlete-676299_1280The last holder of the world record with ventral style was among men, the Soviet Vladimir Yashchenko, who jumped the 2.33 m measured in 1977 and then 2.35 m (indoor) in 1978; among women was rather Rosemarie Ackermann, however, the first woman to have climbed over the threshold of 2 meters (1977).

As far as the Fosbury Flop, the male world record of 2.45 meters, set in 1993 by the Cuban Javier Sotomayor, while the women’s world record of 2.09 m was established in 1987 by the Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova.

The European men’s record of high jump (flop) is of 2.42 meters, jumped from Swedish Patrik Sjöberg in 1987 in Stockholm, while the female belongs to the Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinova, who in Rome in 1987 passed the bar is a 2, 09 meters.

In Italy in the men’s national record it belongs to Marco Fassinotti missed the extent of 2.34 meters, during the Italian Championships Indoor 2014 in Ancona; the outdoor record, however, belongs to Marcello Benvenuti (Verona 1989), with 2.33 meters. Female record is held by the Italian Antonietta Di Martino, in Osaka in 2007, where she passed the bar placed at 2.03 meters (for her 2.04 indoor).

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