The birth of baseball

Olympic sport since 1992, baseball was removed from the Olympic Games after Beijing 2008. It will be fed back into the program in five circles starting from the Games of the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo, in 2020

hit-1407826_1920The date of birth of baseball is uncertain. In a manuscript dated 1344 and written in France are reported scenes of a game similar to baseball, played by French monks. However it seems that sport has originated in North America in the first half of the eighteenth century as a variant of rounders, very popular game in Britain and Ireland.

Numerous sources testify to the existence in the United States, since 1830, a lot of games with rules similar to baseball, even if in the form much simpler than the current form. The establishment of the first organized society, the New York City’s Knickerbockers club, is of 1839.

One of the members, Alexander Cartwright, undertook to codify the rules of baseball, yet respected rules. Cartwright is officially considered the inventor of the modern sport of baseball with the declaration of the United States Congress of the June 3, 1953.

The first baseball game is dated on June 19, 1846: it was played in Hoboken (New Jersey) by the New York Knickerbockers and the New York Nine (23-1). The first demonstration of baseball games, outside the US and Canada, took place from 1874 in England. In Italy baseball had its birth in the form of organized league since the second world war, although it was still practiced since the early twentieth century.

From 6 to 22 March 2017 will be held the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC). The first-round hosts will be Tokyo, Seoul, Miami, and Guadalajara. The second round hosts will be Tokyo and San Diego, and the championship round will be played in Los Angeles. The defending champions is the Dominican Republic (2013).

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