MIF Story


Medal In Frame started life in a story and we are going to tell it to you.

Many enterprises start life in a personal story and Medal In Frame is one of these, a firm with a story to tell.

Medal In Frame began in the passion for racing of Nicolas Meletiou, an entrepreneur with international experience who, whenever he could, pulled on his running shoes and churned out kilometres, taking part in numerous marathons and running competitions all over the world.

A few months before Christmas 2010, the last Nicolas was to have with his wife Betty who died some months later from a terrible illness, Nicolas was asked by his wife: “What do you want for Christmas?”

And Nicolas replied: “I’d like somewhere for me to display the medals, and vests from my running races”.

And that was how it went, the wish was granted and at Christmas Nicolas got a craftsman made display case with some of the medals and vests from the races most dear to him.

That gift was to become the prototype of a bespoke and customised output which has, after painstaking effort for over eight years, brought the firm of Medal In Frame into being: suitably modified, the first prototype gave inspiration to the idea of making an item of design, created to allow medals, vests and sports event photographs to be displayed.

And beginning again with a question that this time Nicolas asked his wife, England was decided on as the headquarters of the firm: “Where would you like Medal In Frame to be based?” In Italy, Greece or England?

Betty chose England so as to give the project international reach.

Your Medal, Your Frame!