6 Majors

£ 95.00

Medal Metal by medal metal™
“It took long way to conquest it, treat it with passion”. Do not hide your medals in a drawer or in a dusty box under the bed. Give them the value they deserve! Hang and display your achievements on our stylish medal metal 6 Majors, made in 100 % recycled aluminium.

The package contains:
1 Medal Metal
Wall fixing instructions and accessories

Technical Informations:
Obtained from 3% magnesium Aluminium alloy sheets – EN AW-5754 UNI EN 573-3- thk. 30/10 (magnesium gives the alloy characteristics of resistance to mechanical stress, corrosion in general and even in the marine environment). This material is totally recyclable and 100% reusable.
After cutting, the product undergoes surface brushing and satin-finishing processes, with consequent anodic oxidation, which fixes its physical characteristics, to give it evident inalterability over time.

Details of packaging-content:

1 Medal Hanger
3 Wall dowels
3 Spacers
3 Fixing screws
3 Screw caps


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