medal in frame® at the Running Day of Saronno on May 5th

The eleventh edition of the Running Day is almost here!

Primary school children (500 meters) and middle schools (1000 meters) will start the race at 6 pm, in the initiative Tomorrow Runners in memory of Claudio Bonaiti. The competitive athletes (10 kilometers), at 8.30 pm and the non-competitive race (5 or 10 kilometers) at 8:35 pm.

medal in frame® the recycling frame company, that designed and made the first fully customisable medal display frames in different materials but all from recycled paper, metal or plastic, will be present at the event with a booth. Athletes and sports enthusiasts will have the chance to learn more about the medal displays, in which show off not only their medals, but also photographs and race bibs.

To the first three primary and middle school children arriving at the finish, medal in frame® will donate a medal book® in recycled paper, with the desire to transmit to the youngest the culture of respect for the environment also troughout sport: the background of sporting activities it is the natural environment and it is therefore necessary to worry about its care and defense.

With a medal in frame® product you are a winner twice: of sport and environment.