Medal In frame and discus throw

Medal In Frame has also created a medal display for athletes who practice the sport of discus throwing

lancio-del-discoThe launch of the objects is the oldest sport in the world. still we do not know how we got to refine that technique until reaching the discus throw. Surely the cradle of this discipline is the ancient Greece. The hypothesis acknowledges in grammar school teacher Aristerco one who first introduced the sport among the Athenians. Some apocryphal fragments they have given us the story of this discovery: during an evening Aristerco’s wife was preparing the table, but when they saw her husband to dinner, I went looking nell’andron there and found him to lie with the famous prostitute Mika Teladogratis. His wife is so angry that he began to throw him anything she happened to throw, such as knives and plates. The knives came to sign, but the dishes shattered without hitting him, as well, as a good sport he was, in the few minutes he had left to live, he had to design the lighting, study and perfect the launch of the plate (also known as launch of the dinner table), that his disciples spread with the launch of the disc name. The sport was introduced and practiced in the ancient Olympic Games, together with the weight and jump to shoot quail.

It was Pierre de Coubertin who decided to introduce athletics as a major sport in the modern Olympics and between disciplines differed discus throw, sport brightly back in vogue. Subsequently, some shotgun wag, with the idea of ​​desecrating this brave sport, had the gimmick of firing at every disk that the pitcher was flying in the stadium: pitchers were unable to find the records and calculate distances, but compensation was born on clay pigeon shooting or shooting, not to be confused with target vault.

The world record in the discus throw is 74.08 meters for men, established by the East German Jürgen Schult on June 6, 1986 in Neubrandenburg, and 76.80 meters for women, established by the East German Gabriele Reinsch on July 9, 1988 in Neubrandenburg.

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Medal In Frame has also created a medal display for athletes who practice the sport of discus throwing, and they want to frame their sporting successes. Buy it directly to the online shop: