Vincent Dogna SuivreLATrace

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He draws his inspiration in the blue line of the marathons. But where most would see a platoon on a starting line or a line of runners stretched towards the finish, Vincent Dogna imagine a work of art, a painting. His artistic eye is different because it is a passion for the road race, a man who took tens of bibs an ran thousands of kilometers.

We are proud to present his drawings as a medal in frame®

This medal display is the perfect frame for your achievements.

"You've come a long way and conquered it, now treat it with passion"

You can also attach your bib and/or a photo with magnets. Choose your collection.

Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, png

medal in frame medal display (404x555mm) includes:

– The backboard
– The trims
– The medal hanger

The Medals of course are not included, you have to got them;-)

You'll receive your medal in frame in a fantastic packaging which you can reuse as a great carrying case for drawings, to store your bibs, memories of travel or whatever you want to keep safe.