6 World Marathon Majors - 1 Medal - style: geometric

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medal in frame®

It took a long way to prepare it. Efforts, sweating, suffering to cross the finish line. Once you've done it, it's a feeling no one can give you. That makes you proud. Now treat your victory as it deserves, with passion. With your 6 World Marathon Majors Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York and Tokyo you get your final medal with certificate by Abbott World Marathon Majors. Treat it as it deserves, with passion.

The frame is made of recycled plastic, simple to add your medals, all in one or as a motivation to get and collect them. For the great victories to get it we suggest the medal in frame 6 World Marathon Majors for 6 World Marathon Medals.

Compatible file extensions to upload: jpg, png

medal in frame medal display (404x555mm) includes:

– The backboard
– The printed trims
– The medal hanger
- 4 Magnets to fix your certificate

The Medal of course is not included, you have to got it;-)

You'll receive your medal in frame in a fantastic packaging which you can reuse as a great carrying case for drawings, to store your bibs, memories of travel or whatever you want to keep safe.