Husband and wife winners of the 2017 Paris Marathon

It’s the first time that a couple of young married wins an international marathon

Paul Lonyangata and Purity Rionoripo win Paris Marathon. The two winners, husband and wife, they met in 2010 in the national junior and from there they have strengthened their relationship as lovers and as athletes.

They hugged each other at the finish line in Paris after 42 km where Paul Lonyangata ended his performance in 2h06’10 “getting his personal best, ahead of favorite Stephen Chebogut in 2h0656″ and Solomon Yego in 2h07’13”.
Purity Rionoripo finished in 2h20’50 ”, getting its staff and beating the Paris marathon record. In second place came the Barsosio in 2h21’02 “, in the third the Cheyech with 2h21’23 ”.

Also last year, two Kenyan athletes were imposed in both competitions. It’s a surprise that two athletes who form a couple in life, win a marathon of such high prestige.

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