Yeman Crippa

Yeman Crippa


Middle distance running



The civil war in Ethiopia tore him to his family, originally from the North-East of the country, and brought him to an orphanage in Addis Ababa, where he was adopted with the brothers by Roberto and Luisa Crippa of Milan.

The new family has settled in Trentino, in Montagne (at Tione), where Yemaneberhan (the name in Amharic means "The right hand of God") before he played football - in Val Rendena and in Tione - and was eventually launched the race in athletics Valchiese by the late engineer Marco Borsari: after the death of his first coach, "Yeman" was followed by former middle-distance runner of the Blue Flames Massimo Pegoretti.

Protagonist in the round of middle-distance youthful blue, Crippa has excelled in all categories and on all terrains: the running trail (won in Ireland in 2012 WMRA Youth Cup, a sort of World Students of the discipline) to the cross-country race (yet student, has contributed in March 2013 Bydgoszcz in 6th place World junior team blue, best finish in Poland for a European background) and the piste.

The older brother Nekagenet is in the blue youth team in all specialties of the race. He attended the Hotel School, but in June 2014 he was recruited by the Police Force and in December he won the gold, individual and team, at the European cross in Bulgaria.





Personal bests

800 m, 1:51.60, Trento (ITA), on 30th July, 2013.

1000 m indoor, 2:32.88, Ancona (ITA), on 24th February, 2013.

1500 m, 3:43.44, Eugene (USA), on 24th February, 2013.

1500 m indoor, 3:51.43, Ancona (ITA), on 7th February, 2015.

2000 m, 5:30.80, Rovereto (ITA), on 14th April, 2012.

3000 m, 8:09.89, Conegliano (ITA), on 20th June, 2014.

10 Km on street, 29:17, Cuneo (ITA), on 9th November, 2014.



International championships

Yeman Crippa won the Junior European Cross in Bulgaria on 14th December 2014.

Yeman Crippa