7 Steps to your medal in frame®  medal display


medal in frame configurator


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  1. Choose your backboard. You find different categories. Choose from special events, sports, designs or flags. Your event, sport or flag is not listed? Don’t worry. Contact us on info@medalinframe.com. We’ll take care of it.

  2. Choose the color of the trims, one for all or all different.

  3. Choose the color of the corners, or…

  4. ...one of the designed frames.

  5. Add up to 10 medals to your backboards

  6.  Add your text. Your name and/or your time? Your motivation? Be creative.

  7.  Upload your picture in high resolution and move it.


You would like to make some changes? Not a problem. Go back and forward to the steps you like to change.


Done! Your medal in frame® is done! If you like it, put it in your cart.


How to proceed?


We get your order and design your backboard for printing. You will get the final file and after your confirmation we will prepare your medal in frame®. You'll receive your medal in frame in a fantastic packaging which you can reuse as a great carrying case for drawings, to store your bibs, memories of travel or whatever you want to keep safe.


With the Basic-Product for €49 you get:

1 Medal in Frame

1 Backboard

1 Medal Hanger


READY to go ahead? Configurate and personalize your frame here



Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us on info@medalinframe.com