Do you know the Vortex?

In recent years, for youth categories, the launch of the Vortex has imposed as a preparatory discipline the implement future

vortex_atletica_leggeraThe Vortex is a sports equipment used in the junior categories (rookies and boys / girls) track and field as a preparatory tool for throwing javelin.

The object is of a synthetic material (plastic and sponge) and its aerodynamic shape is formed from a queue and by a central body. Its weight is 150 grams. The springboard is the same as the javelin and there are also the same valid launch rules.

There are several ways of challenging the tool. The most common is the one that sees the tail held between the index and middle fingers, while the main building lies on the bottom of your palm. The second way sees the central Vortex of the body placed on the palm of the hand and the tail between thumb and forefinger, in such a way that the thumb is on a tool side, the other four fingers are on the opposite side.