Valeria Straneo

Valeria Straneo was born in Alessandria, on April 5th, 1976. She is an Italian athlete and silver medal at Moscow World Championships 2013

Italy Marathon


The sport career of Valeria started when she was only an universitary student in Foreign Languages and she practiced running only just for fun.

In 2010, her life and sport activity were strongly marked by a surgery leading to the spleen’s removal in 2010.

After that, she restarted to run, gaining precious successes by international championships, as the national record of 2h23’44” at the Rotterdam Marathon in 2012.

Personal bests

Mediterranean Games, Mersin 2013, half marathon, GOLD 1h11’00”, Championship Record.

World Championships, Moscow 2013, marathon, SILVER 2h25’58”, Season’s best mark.

2011StramilanoMilanoHalf marathon Gold1h08:48 
2011European Cross Country ChampionshipsVelenjeCross country running1026:42 
2012Olympic GamesLondonMarathon82:25:27 
2012Rotterdam MarathonRotterdamMarathon Silver2h23’44” 
2012Roma-Ostia HalfmarathonOstiaHalf marathon41:07:46 
2013World ChampionshipsMoscowMarathon Silver2:25:58 
2013Mediterranean GamesMersinHalf marathon Gold1:11:00 
2014Copenhagen Half marathonCopenhagenHalf marathon868′ 55″

Valeria Straneo for Mif

Valeria Straneo


Roma-Ostia Half marathon, on 26th February, 2012, 1:07:46, 4th position, . Current holder.

Marathon, 2:23:44, Rotterdam, on 15th April, 2012. Current holder.

Half marathon, 68′ 55″, 8th position, Copenhagen, on 30th March, 2014.