Stefano Baldini

Stefano Baldini was born on 25th May, 1971, in Castelnuovo Sotto and he is a retired italian athlete, Olympic Champion in Athens 2004 and twice European Champion (1998 and 2006).

Italy Marathon


After a full life of sport successes in the Marathon field, in 2010, after the Athletics European Championships of Barcelona, at the age of 37, he announced his retirement from the competitions, turning his engagement in the sport world into strictly high technical roles.

Stefano is actually Technical Manager of the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) – Junior category and official testimonial for Asics, Enervit and Born2Run.

Personal bests

Italian Junior Champion, 5000m, 1989.

1990: Junior Italian Champion, 3000m; Cross Italian Junior Champion, 3000m, 13th position; World Junior Champion, 5000m, 6th position.

1991: Meditteranean Games, 5000m, 5°.

1992: Italian Championships, 5000m, 3°.

1993: Mediterranean Games, 5000m, 5°, Italian Champion 10000m.

1994: Cross World Championships, 51°; Italian Champion 10000m;  European Championships of Helsinki, finalist, 10000m (18°).

1995: Cross World Championships, (90°); World Cup, 1°, 10000m; finalist Goteborg World Championships, 10000m (18°), Italian Champion, Half Marathon.

1996: Cross World Championships (48°); Atlanta Olympic Games, 10000m (18°), semifinalist 5000m; Half Marathon Champion in Palma di Maiorca.

1997: Half Marathon Italian Record (1h00’56” Roma-Ostia); Marathon Italian Record  (2h07’57” Londra); Athens World Championships, 10000m (9°); 2° at the London Marathon; 3° at the New York City Marathon.

1998: European Champion at the Budapest Marathon; Italian Champion at the Half Marathon, 1° at the Rome Marathon.

2000: Italian record at the Half Marathon of Copenaghen-Malmoe (1h00’50”).

2001: 3° at the Edmonton World Championships (Marathon); Italian Champion, 10000m; 2° at the Turin Marathon; 1° at the MillenniumMarathon of Madrid.

2002: Italian record at the London Marathon (2h07’29”); Italian Champion, 10000m; finalist at the European Championships of Munich, 10000m (4°); 5° at the New York City Marathon.

2003: 2° at the London Marathon; 3° at the World Championships of Paris(Marathon).

2004: 4° at athe London Marathon; GOLD medal at the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

2005: 5° at the London Marathon.

2006: Italian Record at the London Marathon, 2h07’22”, (5°); European Marathon Champion in Goteborg; 6° at the New York City Marathon.

2007: 4° at theNew York City Marathon.

2008: 12° at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

2009: Italian Champion for the Half Marathon.

2010: Italian Champion, 10k, road race.

1989European Athletics Junior ChampionshipsVarazdin5.000m9 
1990World Athletics Junior ChampionshipsPlovdiv5.000m6 
1991Mediterranean GamesAthens5.000m5 
1993Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
1993Mediterranean GamesLinguadoca-Rossiglione5.000m5 
1994Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
1994European Athletics ChampionshipsHelsinki10.000m20 
1995World Athletics Championships10.000m18 
1995Europe CupVilleneuve d’Ascq10.000m Gold 
1995Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
1995Italian Athletics ChampionshipsHalf Marathon Gold 
1996Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
1996World Half Marathon ChampionshipsPalma de Mallorca21k Gold 
1996Atlanta Olympic GamesAtlanta10.000m18 
1997World Athletics ChampionshipsAthens10.000m9 
1997World Half Marathon ChampionshipsKosice21k9 
199716th Montefortiana TuràMonteforte d’Alpone10,065k Gold 
1998Italian Athletics ChampionshipsHalf Marathon Gold 
1998Athletics European ChampionshipsBudapestMarathon Gold 
2001Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
2001World Athletics ChampionshipsEdmontonMarathon Bronze 
2002Italian Athletics Championships10.000m Gold 
2002European Athletics ChampionshipsMunich10.000m4  
2003World Athletics ChampionshipsParisMarathon Bronze 
2004Italian Athletics MarathonHalf Marathon Gold 
2004Athens Olympic GamesAthensMarathon Gold 
2006European Athletics ChampionshipsGothenburgMarathon Gold 
2006Italian Athletics ChampionshipsHalf Marathon Gold 
2008Beijing Olympic GamesBeijingMarathon12 
2009Italian Athletics ChampionshipsHalf Marathon Gold 
2010Italian Athletics Championships10k on the road Gold

Italian Championships (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010).

Venice Marathon, 1995, 2:11:01, 6th position.

Rome Marathon, 1998, 2:09:33, 1st position.

Turin Marathon, 2001, 2:08:51, 2nd position.

London Marathon, 1997, 2:07:57, 2nd position.

New York Marathon, 1997, 2:09:31, 3rd position.

London Marathon, 2000, 2:09:45, 6th position.

Madrid Marathon, 2001, 2:09:59, 1st position.

London Marathon, 2002, 2:07:29, 6th position.

New York Marathon, 2002, 2:09:12, 5th position.

London Marathon, 2003,  2:07:56, 2nd position.

London Marathon, 2004, 2:08:37, 4th position.

London Marathon, 2005, 2:09:25, 5th position.

London Marathon, 2006, 2:07:22 National Record, 5th position.

New York Marathon, 2006, 2:11:33, 6th position.

New York Marathon, 2007, 2:11:58, 4th position.

London Marathon, 2008, 2:13:06, 12th position.