Sara Simeoni

Sara Simeoni was born on 19th April, 1953, in Rivoli Veronese. She is an Olympics Champion and High Jump gold medal at the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980.

Italy High Jump


Sara started very young the High Jump practice, imprinted by the newborn Fosbury style.

She was almost entirely coached by Erminio Azzaro, who became also her husband.

Her talent started to thrive when she still played in the Junior team, thanks to her best technical approach and determination that bring her to the reaching of the 2 meters wall (Prague 1978), constantly in competition with the German rivals Rosemarie Ackermann and Ulrike Meyfarth.

In her sport Curriculum shine a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics , in addition to other 9 gold medals at the European Championships, and two silver medals at the Montreal (1974) and Los Angeles Olympics (1984). Furthermore, Sara wore the National sweater right 72 times.

She was also standard bearer at the Los Angeles Olympics opening ceremony and the same was at the closing ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics .

Totally, Sara was 14 times Italian Champion and succeeded in hold the Record for 36 years till 2007 when it was overtaken by Antonietta Di Martino.

Sara Simeoni is well-known as the greatest Italian Athlete ever all around the world.

Personal bests

Helsinki 1971: 1,78m.

Munich 1972: 1,85m.

Rome 1973: 1,89m

Montreal 1976: 1,91m.

1971European Athletics ChampionshipsHelsinkiHigh Jump91,78mRead more
1972Olympic GamesMunichHigh Jump61,85mRead more
1973European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsRotterdamHigh Jump91,82m
1973The UniversiadeMoscowHigh Jump Bronze1,81m
1974European Athletics ChampionshipsRomeHigh Jump Bronze1,89mRead more
1974European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsGoeteborgHigh Jump111,75m
1975The UniversiadeRomeHigh Jump Silver1,88m
1975Mediterranean GamesAlgiersHigh Jump Gold
1975European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsKatowiceHigh Jump41,80m
1976Olympic GamesMontrealHigh Jump Silver1,91mRead more
1977European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsSan SebastianHigh Jump Gold1,92mRead more
1977The UniversiadeSofiaHigh Jump Gold1,92m
1978European Athletics ChampionshipsMilanHigh Jump Gold1,94mRead more
1978European Athletics ChampionshipsPragueHigh Jump Gold2.01mRead more
1979Mediterranean GamesSplitHigh Jump Gold
1979The UniversiadeSofiaHigh Jump Gold1,92m
1980Olympic GamesMoscowHigh Jump Gold1,97mRead more
1980European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsSindelfingenHigh Jump Gold1,95mRead more
1981The UniversiadeBucarestHigh Jump Gold1,96m
1981European Indoor Athletics ChampionshipsGrenobleHigh Jump Gold1,97mRead more
1982European Athletics ChampionshipsAthensHigh Jump Bronze1,97m
1983World Athletics ChampionshipsHelsinkiHigh Jump01,84m
1984Olympic GamesLos AngelesHigh Jump Silver2,00m
1986European Athletics ChampionshipsStuttgartHigh Jump01,86m

European Athletics Championships: Rome 1974, Milan 1978.

Rome Universiade 1975.

European Athletics Championships: Helsinki 1971, Rotterdam 1973 (Indoor), Goeteborg 1974 (Indoor), Katowice 1975 (Indoor), San Sebastian 1977 (Indoor), Prague 1978, Sindelfingen 1980 (Indoor), Grenoble 1981 (Indoor), Athens 1982 (Indoor), Stuttgart 1986.

Olympic Games: Munich 1972, Montreal 1976, Moscow 1980, Los Angeles 1984.

Universiade: Moscow 1973, Sofia 1977, Sofia 1979, Bucarest 1981.

Mediterranean Games: Algiers 1975, Split 1979.