Renato Villalta

Renato Villalta was born on 3rd Februar 1955 in Maserada sul Piave, TV. 2,04m high, he scored a record presences in the Natonal Italian Team for 16 seasons.

Italy Basket


With an height of 2,04m, Renato started to play Basket when he was only 16 in the junior category of Basket Mestre team in B Series. The team moved on to A Series when he was 18, in 1973, with a score of 536.

He played in the National team for 206 matches.

From 6th May 2013 Renato is the new President of theVirtus Pallacanestro Club. Meanwhile he is committed also in a role of Consultant by Unipol Banca for the public relationships and by Unipol Assicurazioni.

Totally, he played 16 seasons in A Series, winning 3 Italian Championships, 2 Italian Cups, 1 gold and 2 bronze medals at the European Championships and a silver medal at the Olympics.

Renato has recently taken part to the Medal In Frame project, becomming official testimonial.

Personal bests

1975FIBA EuroBasketSplitBasket – Men Bronze
1979Italian Basketball ChampionshipsBasket – Men Gold
1980Olympic GamesMoscowBasket – Men Silver
1980Italian Basketball ChampionshipsBasket – Men Gold
1983FIBA EuroBasketLimogesBasket – Men Gold
1984Italian Basketball CupBolognaBasket – Men Gold
1984Italian Basketball ChampionshipsBasket – Men Gold
1985FIBA EuroBasketKarlsruheBasket – Men Bronze
1989Italian Basketball CupBolognaBasket – Men Gold

Italian Basket Championships: 1978-1979, 1979-1980, 1983-1984.

Italian Basket Cup: 1984, 1989.

FIBA EuroBasket: Jugoslavia 1975, West Germany 1985.

Olympic Games: Moscow 1980.

FIBA EuroBasket: France 1983.

Mediterranean Games: Algeri 1975, Casablanca 1983.