Marco Marchei

Marco Marchei was born on 2nd August, 1954, in Castignano, Ascoli Piceno. He is a retired male long-distance runner. He is father of the famous italian figure skater Valentina Marchei.

Italy Marathon


From 1979 to 1985 he ran 10 times for the Italian National team.

In 1985 he quitted both the agonistc activity and the gym teaching, starting to manage the journalistic activity, in which he was already involved since 1981.

From 1987 he supervised the management of Correre,Multisport (now Triathlete), Il Nuovo Calcio.

From November 2005 he supervises the italian edition of Runner’s World, the most prestigious world-wide running’s magazine.

Marco is married and father of three children, among which Valentina Marchei, MIF’s Testimonial, however he still finds time to run 10 Km almost three times a week.

Personal bests

World Championships in Athletics, 1993, in Helsinki, Finland, 2:11:47.

1979Mediterranean GamesSplitMarathon Silver2nd position 
1979Bruxelles MarathonBruxellesMarathon Gold2:15’33” 
1979Monza MarathonMonzaMarathon Gold2:19’07” 
1980Boston MarathonBostonMarathon Silver2:13’20” 
1983Monza MarathonMonzaMarathon Gold2:16’33” 
1985Monza MarathonMonzaMarathon Gold2:18’02”.

Marco Marchei for MIF