Danilo Goffi

Danilo Goffi was born in Legnano on 3rd December, 1972 and he is a veteran Marathon runner.

Italy Marathon


Danilo ran 20 Marathons in his sport career, overthrowing lots of record, for instance at the Rotterdam Marathon in 1998, with a record time of 2h08’33”, bronze medal.

An important turning point in his sport career is the worthy involvement in the humanitarian experience with the african cummunity, promoting Sport as channel of solidarity for the weakest segments of population as women, children and disabled.

According to this aim, he and some of his friends and collaborators decided to found the AFRICA&SPORTAssociation, an Onlus that together with Run2getherproject, supports Kenyan athletes to take part to the most important running’s competitions all around the world, giving them a real opportunity to show all their natural talent, often carrying a chance for changing in a better way their lives and of their families’ ones.

Personal bests

Rotterdam Marathon, 1998, 2h08’33”, 2nd position.

Stramilano, Milan, Half Marathon, 1996, 1h01’23”, 6th position.

Golden Gala, Rome, 1995, 5000m, 13’44”.

1996, 10.000m, 28h28’39”.

1991European Championships – Juniores CategorySalonicco10k Gold30’40” 
1995World ChampionshipMontbéliard-BelfortHalf Marathon_ Team Play Bronze 
1995Venice MarathonVeniceMarathon Gold2h09’26” 
1995Italian ChampionshipsVeniceMarathon Gold2h09’26” 
1996Italian ChampionshipsVittorio VenetoHalf Marathon Gold1h02’42” 
1996Italian ChampionshipsTorinoCross country running_Team Play Gold 
1998Rotterdam MarathonRotterdamMarathon Bronze2h08’33″_PERSONAL BESTRead more
1998Monteforte d’Alpone RunningMonforte d’AlponeRoad Race Gold30’12” 
1998Cinque Ville di BertinoroBertinoroRoad Race_13k Gold43’57” 
1998Scarpa d’OroVigevanoRunning Silver23’23” 
1998Italian ChampionshipsCamaiore10k Gold28’29” 
1998European ChampionshipsBudapestMarathon Silver2h12’11″ 
1998European ChampionshipsBudapestMarathon_Team Play Gold 
2000Prague Half MarathonPragueHalf Marathon Silver1h03’29” 
2002Turin MarathonTurinMarathon Silver2h10’52” 
2003Italian ChampionshipsHalf Marathon Silver1h02’52” 
2003Italian ChampionshipsCross country running Gold 
2003Italian ChampionshipsTurinCross country running_Team Play Gold 
2004Venice MarathonVeniceVenice Marathon Silver2h09’55” 
2011Podistica di San LorenzoCava de’ Tirreni7.8k Silver

Venice Marathon, 1995, 2h09’26”, GOLD medal.

Turin Marathon, Carabinieri Sport Team, 1996, GOLD medal.

Half Marathon of Vittorio Veneto, 1996, 1h02’42”.

Camaiore Marathon, 1998, 10.000m, 28’29”, GOLD medal.

Cross-country race, 2003, Carabinieri Sport Team, GOLD medal.

Half Marathon, 2003, 1h02’52”, SILVER medal.

San Giorgio su Legnano, cross-country race, 2005, 5th position.

Venice Marathon, 2007, 6th position, 2h14’40″.

Florence Marathon, 2009, 4th position, 2h12’45″.

Turin Marathon, 2010, 5th position.

Venice Marathon, 2011, 7th position.

Milan Marathon, 2014, 2h17’20”, GOLD medal.

European Championships, 10k, Salonicco (Greece), 1991, 1st position, 30’40″.

World Championships, 1995, Montbéliard-Belfort, Half marathon, 3rd position.

World Championships, 1995, France, 13th position, 1h02’49″.

Olympic Games of Atlanta, 1996, 9th position, 2h15’08″.

World Championships, Athens 1997, Marathon, 4th position, 2h14’47″.

Rotterdam Marathon, 1997, 9th position, 2h09’13″.

Marathon, Den Haag (Netherlands) 1998, 7th position, 1h01’49″.

European Championships, Zurich 1998, Half marathon, 25th position, 1h02’24″.

European Championships, Munich 1998, Marathon, 13th position, 2h15’57″.

European Championships, Göteborg 1998, Marathon, 11th position, 2h14’45″.

European Championships, Budapest 1998, Marathon, 2nd position, 2h12’11″.

New York Marathon, 1999, 11th position.

European Championships, Siville 1999, Marathon, 4th position, 2h14’50″.

Prague Marathon, 2000, 2nd position, 1h03’29″.

London Marathon, 2000, 10th position, 2h10’54″.

Berlin Marathon, 2001, 5th position, 2h10’35″.

Padova Marathon, 2001, 5th position, 2h11’06″.

Turin Marathon, 2002, 1st position, 2h11’12″.

European Championships, Berlin 2002, Marathon, 13th position, 2h15’37″.

European Championships, Göteborg 2006, 11th position, 2h14’45″.

Hamburg Marathon, 2006, 7th position,  2h11’09″.