Anna Incerti

Anna Incerti was born on 19th January, 1980, in Palermo, Italy. She won a gold medal at the European Championships in Barcelona, in 2010.

Italy Marathon


Anna is coached by Tommaso Ticali and she is married with the roadrunner Stefano Scaini. The couple has a daughter, Martina, born in 2013.

Noteworthy, that at the European Championships of Barcelona in 2010, she won initially the bronze medal. Since the two winner athletes ahead her had to renounce the title because of positive doping tests, her bronze medal became a gold medal. That’s why she was declared from the E.E.A., L’AMBASCIATRICE DI SPORT PULITO.

Personal bests

1500 m, 4’21, Palermo, 2004

3000 m,  9’08 Milano 2004

5000 m,  15’15”30 Palermo 2011

10000 m, 33’19 Lumezzane 2003

10k road, 32’14, Barcellona, National record, 2008.

Halfmarathon, 1h8’18”, Roma 2012

Marathon, 2h25’32”, Berlino 2011

2001National championship U-23ArezzoHalfmarathon Bronze 
2001National championshipCatania5k (track) Bronze 
2001International halfmarathonNapoliHalfmarathon Gold 
2002National Championship U-23Milano5k (track) Gold 
2002Castelbuono Giro podistico InternazionalCastelbuono6k4 
2002National team championshipPescara5k (track) Gold 
2002National championshipUdineHalfmarathon Gold1h12’30 
2002Cossato international cross countryCossato8k Bronze 
2002Pettinengo International road racePettinengo8k4 
2002Meeting Donna SprintTrento5k (track) Gold 
2003National ChampionshipFirenze5k (track) Gold 
2003National ChampionshipLumezzane10k (track) Silver 
2003Daegu University GamesDaeguHalf Marathon5 
2003Villamura Word Championship HalfmarathonVillamuraHalf Marathon21 
2003National team ChampionshipMilano5k (track) Gold 
2003Daegu university gamesDaegu10k (track) Bronze 
2004International half marathonUdinehalfmarathon Silver1h10’56 
2004Roma-Ostia international halfmarathonRomaHalfmarathon Silver 
2004Florence MarathonFlorenceMarathon Gold2h34’40 
2006S.Daniele (Ud) International road raceS. Daniele10k Gold 
2006VivicittàPalermo10k Gold 
2006Giro podistico internazionaleVillabate Gold 
2006National Team ChampionshipCaorle5k (track) Gold 
2006European ChampionshipGoteborgMarathon92h32’53 
2007Word ChampionshipOsakaMarathon172h36’36 
2007Roma-Ostia International halfmarathonRomaHalfmarathon Bronze1h11’20Read more
2007Udine RaceUdineHalfmarathon Gold 
2007Miglianico TourMiglianico Silver 
2008Italian ChampionshipAvellinoHalfmarathon Gold 
2008Olympic GamesPechinoMarathon142h30’55 
2008Milan MarathonMilanMarathon Gold2h27’42 
2008Roma half marathonRomaHalfmarathon Gold 
2008Corida de S.SilvestreBarcelona10k Gold32’12Read more
2008Giro podistico internazionaleVillabate10k Gold 
2008Milano city marathonMilanoMarathon Gold2h27’42 
2008Lignano S. RaceLignano S.Halfmarathon Gold 
2008Corrida S.GiminianoSan Gimignano13k Gold 
2008Cremona RaceCremonaHalfmarathon Gold1h11’25 
2009Rome MarathonRomeMarathon51h08’18” 
2009Montefortiana Turà road receMonteforte10k Gold 
2009Roma-Ostia international halfmarathonRomaHalfmarathon Gold1h9’24” 
2009Meditteraneo GamesPescaraHalfmarathon Gold 
2010StramilanoMilanHalf Marathon51h10’59 
2010Memorial Peppe GrecoScicli6k7 
2010Bupa South Great RunManchester10mile453’31” 
2010Villa Real European Cup TeamVilla Real3k (track) Bronze 
2010Giro podistico internazionaleOderzo6k Silver 
2010Villa Real European Cup TeamVilla Real5 km (track) Bronze 
2010European championshipBarcelonaMarathon Bronze2h32’48 
2010Valencia RaceValenciaHalfmarathon Bronze1h10’41” 
2011Manchester International Bupa RaceManchester10k532’36” 
2011Osaka International Ladies MarathonOsakaMarathon42h27’33” 
2011Meeting PalermoPalermo5k Gold15’15”30 
2011Trofeo Internazionale Telese TermeTelese10k Gold33’22” 
2011Bianco International road raceBianco5k Silver 
2011We rome run, RomeRoma10k Silver32’53” 
2011New York RaceNew York10k1133’22” 
2011Europe CupStockholm5k615’35” 
2011BMW Berlin marathonBerlinMarathon62h25’32” 
2011Bupa Road Race PorthsmouthPorthsmouth10mile654’18” 
2011Corida de HouillesHouilles10k Bronze32’08 
2011Oderzo RaceOderzo5k Gold 
2011StramilanoMilanoHalfmarathon Silver1h10’41” 
2011Roma-OstiaRomaHalfmarathon Gold1h09’06” 
2012Stratrieste gara podistica internazionaleTrieste10k Gold 
2012Trofeo internazionale Telese termeBelluno10k Silver32’47” 
2012Giro internazionale Oderzo città archeologicaOderzo5.5k Silver 
2012StramilanoMilanoHalfmarathon Silver1h10’46” 
2012Roma-Ostia Half MarathonRomeHalf Marathon51h8’18” 
2012Olympics GamesLondonMarathon292h29’38” 
2013We Run RomeRome10k533’25” 
2014Romeo&Giulietta HalfmarathonVeronaHalfmarathon Silver1h10’10

Arezzo, national championship U-23 Halfmarathon, 2001, 3rd position.

Ctania, National championship, 2001, 5 km (track), 3rd position.

Napoli, international Halfmarathon, 2001, 1st position.

Cossato (Bi) international cross country, 2002, 8 km, 3rd position.

Pettinengo (Bi) International road race, 2002, 8 km, 4rd position.

Castelbuono (Pa) Giro podistico Internazional, 2002, 6 km, 4rd position.

Trento, Meeting Donna Sprint, 2002, 5 km (track), 1st position.

Udine, National championship Halfmarathon, 2002, 1h12’30 – National record U-23, 1st position (U23), 3rd position.

Pescara, National team championship, 2002, 5 km (track), 1st position.

Milano, National Championship U-23, 2002, 5 km (track), 1st position.

Villamura (Por) Word Championship Halfmarathon, 2003, 21nd position.

Milano, Nationa team Championship 5 km (track), 2003, 1st position.

Lumezzane (Bs) National Championship, 2003, 10 km (track), 2nd position.

Firenze, National Championship 5 km (track), 2003, 1st position.

Roma-Ostia international Halfmarathon, 2004, 2nd position.

Udine, International Half marathon, 2004, 1h10’56″, 2nd position.

S.Daniele (Ud) International road race 10 km, 2006, 1st position.

Villabate (Pa), Giro podistico internazionale, 2006, 1st position.

Palermo, Vivicittà, 10 km, 2006, 1st position.

Miglianico Tour, 2007, 2nd position.

Udine Halfmarathon, 2007, 1st position.

Roma-Ostia International Halfmarathon, 2007, 1h11’20, National leading, 3rd position.

Villabate (Pa) Giro podistico internazionale, 2008, 10 km, 1st position.

Milano City Marathon, 2008, 2h27’42″, 1st position.

Cremona Race, 2008, halfmarathon, 1h11’25″, 1st position.

Roma half marathon, 2008, 1st position.

Avellino, Italian Championship, halfmarathon, 2008, 1st position.

Lignano S.(Ud) Halfmarathon, 2008, 1st position.

Corrida S.Giminiano (Mo), 2008, 13 km, 1st position.

Meditteraneo Games, Halfmarathon, 2009, 1st position.

Rome Marathon, 2009, 5th position.

Roma-Ostia international Halfmarathon, 2009, 1h9’24”, 1st position.

Montefortiana Turà Road Race, Monteforte, 2009, 10 km, 1st position.

Memorial Peppe Greco, Scicli, 2010, 6km, 7th position.

Giro podistico internazionale, Oderzo, 2010, 6 km, 2nd position.

Stramilano halfmarathon, Milano, 2010, 1h10’59, 5th position.

We rome run, Rome, 2011, 10 km, 32’53”, 2nd position.

Bianco International road race, 2011, 5 km, 2nd position.

Telese, Trofeo Internazionale Telese Terme, 2011,10 km, 33’22”, 1st position.

Meeting Palermo, 2011, 5 km, 15’15”30, 1st position.

Oderzo, 2011, 5 km, 1st position.

Stramilano halfmarathon  2011, 1h10’41”, 2nd position.

Roma-Ostia halfmarathon, 2011, 1h09’06”, 1st position.

Trofeo Internazionale Telese Terme (Bn), 2012, 10 km, 32’47”, 2nd position.

Giro Internazionale Oderzo città archeologica 5.5 km, 2nd position.

Stamilano halfmarathon, 2012, 1h10’46”, 22nd position.

Roma-Ostia halfmarathon, 2012, 1h8’18”, 5th position.

Cuneo, 2013, Asics Run, 5 km, 3rd position.

Rome 2013, We Run, 10 km, 5th position.

Verona, 2014, Romeo & Giulietta Halfmarathon, 1h10’10, 2nd position.

Medulin (Croatia) European cross country championship, 2002, 8 km.

Daegu (Korea) University Games Halfmarathon, 2003, 5th position.

Daegu (Korea) University Games, 2003, 10 km (track), 3rd position.

Goteborg, European Championship Marathon, 2006, 2h32’53, 9th position.

Caorle, National Team Championship, 2006, 5 km (track), 1st position.

Barcelona, Corida de S.Silvestre, 2008, 10 km, 32’12, National record & Personal best, 1st position.

Pechino, Olympic Games marathon, 2008, 2h30’55, 14th position.

Osaka, Word Championship Marathon, 2008, 2h36’36, 17th position.

Valencia Halfmarathon, 2010, 1h10’41”, 3rd position.

Bupa South Great Run, Manchester 10mile, 2010, 53’31”, 4th position.

Barcelona, European championship Marathon, 2010, 2h32’48, 3rd position.

Villa Real (Por) European Cup Team, 2010, 5 km (track), 3rd position.

Villa Real (Por) European Cup Team, 2010, 3 km (track), 3rd position.

BMW Berlin marathon marathon, 2011, 2h25’32”, 6th position.

Corida de Houilles (Fra), 2011, 10 km, 32’08, 3rd position.

Bupa Road Race Porthsmouth (Eng), 2011, 10mile, 54’18”, 6th position.

Stockholm, Europe Cup, 2011, 5 km, 15’35” , 6th position.

New York Race, 2011, 10 km, 3 3’22”, 11nd postion.

Manchester International Bupa Race, 2011, 10 km, 32’36”, 5th position.

Osaka International Ladies Marathon, 2011, 2h27’33”, 4th position.